Full Parkdale Planning Study Report

The PCED project launched the Full Parkdale Planning Study report along with the Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan. Please download the full report from here or by clicking the image below.

The Full Parkdale Planning Study report can be read in relation to the summary report published earlier. The Full report details data analysis, needs & assets mapping results, key issues and opportunities for the seven areas of community action and policy options. The Full report also provides detailed descriptions of each direction, their rationales and inspiring examples from other neighbourhoods and cities.

Detailed action steps and implementation strategies are detailed in the Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan.


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Parkdale Neighbourhood PLAN launch event!




Join us Saturday October 29th at 1:30pm for a:
– Neighbourhood Plan Launch @ Bonar Presbyterian Church
– Jane’s Walk to explore proposed actions across the neighbourhood
– Celebration & Mural Launch (3:00pm Queen & Callender)

Come learn more about how gentrification is impacting affordability and diversity in Parkdale; 7 key Parkdale wellbeing indicators; and 37 directions for community action and policy option!

In the last 18 months we’ve gathered community members, agency staff, friends, academics and you. Together through the Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) planning project we’ve built a vision for Parkdale that emphasizes four overarching values: Inclusiveness, Affordability, Diversity and Equity. The risk of untamed gentrification in the area puts these values at risk.

Please join us in celebration as we share The Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan – a new story for Parkdale that offers strategies and actions to protect our shared values and promotes collective action, equitable development, participatory democracy, decent work, food security and shared wealth building.

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PNLT & GC Milky Way Garden Fundraiser

Since its establishment in 2012 and the incorporation in 2014, Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust has been working on its organizational capacity building initiative, partnership development and business planning.

This year 2016 is going to be a critical milestone for PNLT, as currently, PNLT in collaboration with Greenest City is acquiring the very first land, the Milky Way Garden, in Parkdale, thanks to a generous offer from local residents. The story behind this garden has been featured in the recent Toronto Star article.


For this first acquisition, PNLT and GC have launched the fundraising campaign!


donation page

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Parkdale Wellbeing Indicators

As part of the Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning project, we developed Parkdale Neighbourhood Wellbeing Indicators.

How do we know the local economy serves community needs and enhances community wellbeing? Conventional economic measurements such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are limited for this purpose as they tend to focus on economic growth. They also fail to consider complex social, cultural and ecological aspects that matter equally to the health of the economy and people’s daily life. This gap prompted us to develop a set of neighbourhood-based indicators to assess what matters to Parkdale as a starting point of community visioning for the PCED Planning project.


We conducted 8 separate workshops from May to June 2015. We engaged diverse community members – including PARC members, tenants, newcomers, immigrants, agency staff, cooperative members, residents in general and steering committee members – with a total of 97 participants. Based on the extensive community engagement and research, the 7 domains of Parkdale Neighbourhood Wellbeing Indicators (PNWI) were developed as shown above.

Each domain includes a set of indicators. Below is an example of Housing & Land Use.

A full list of indicators can be downloaded from here.

**Special thanks to Catalyst Centre and Sally Miller for workshop design, as well as to Daniel Liadsky for finalizing the draft indicators and identifying data compatibility and data collection strategies.

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Parkdale Community Forum: Report launch!

On February 27, the Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED) Planning project hosted the Parkdale Community Forum at the Parkdale Public Library. The PCED project has completed the first stage of the project – one-year participatory planning and community visioning. The first stage has generated a range of promising directions and ideas. At this forum, over 100 community members came together to learn about outcomes from the project and promising directions for the future of Parkdale.


Throughout the planning process, community members identified the four overarching values for Parkdale – affordability, diversity, inclusion, and equity. But then, Parkdale is changing. Due to the current pattern of neighbourhood change, what is at stake is these  Parkdale’s values. How can we protect affordability, diversity and inclusion while also promoting equitable development for shared wealth generation and decent work? This is one of the central questions for the PCED planning project.

To that end, we have identified a range of “directions” based on the inputs from the participatory planning process and research. There are seven key areas for community action and policy option:

  1. Social Infrastructure
  2. Affordable housing and land use
  3. Decent work and inclusive economic opportunities
  4. Health and food security
  5. Community financing
  6. Participatory local democracy
  7. Cultural development

The Parkdale Community Forum was held to report back promising directions as well as to kick off action planning process for implementation. The summary report can be downloaded from here!

report cover


Following photos are some highlights of the community forum.


IMG_4233 (1)





The PCED project has been supported by Atkinson Foundation’s Decent Work fund.


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Parkdale Community Forum – Report Launch

As a part of Parkdale Community Economic Development Planing project, we are organizing a community forum to launch a planning study report based on the extensive one year participatory planning and community visioning!

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/community-forum-parkdale-ced-planning-research-report-launch-tickets-19324081849


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Visions to Actions Planning workshop underway

PCED Planning project is hosting a series of participatory planning workshops for creating a Parkdale Neighbourhood Plan. The first workshop was held on November 23rd Monday night at the Bonar Parkdale.

We are discussing concrete strategies and action items for the following six areas: Housing and Land Use; Decent Work and Economic Opportunities; Health and Food Security; Participatory Democracy; and Cultural Development.



There are two other dates/times for this week.

  • November 23 Monday 6:00-8:30 at Bonar Parkdale (250 Dunn Ave)
  • November 26 Thursday 2:00-4:30 at Bonar Parkdale (250 Dunn Ave)
  • November 28 Saturday 1:30-4:00 at Parkdale Public Library Auditorium

You can sign up from here for the workshops.

Please join the participatory planning process to create a vision for Parkdale’s future together!








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