Just released! – Community Food Flow Final Reseach Report

The Community Food Flow (CFF) project is a community food assessment that explores assets and challenges of food distribution and food procurement in the community food sector, with particular focus on west-central neighbourhoods. The CFF project is a collaborative project led by PARC along with diverse stakeholders in Toronto’s community food sector.

The CFF project built a strong research partnership with the Community Food Procurement project led by Toronto Food Strategy team at Toronto Public Health (TFS). We call this joint initiative “Community Food Project”. PARC’s report focuses on west central Toronto, while the Toronto Food Strategy report focuses on broader sector needs and solutions. The reports complement each other and together provide a fuller picture of the Community Food Sector in Toronto.

Please read the joint project summary: Community Food Project Executive Summary
The Community Food Flow final report (PARC led): Reassembling Community Food Flow
Toronto Food Strategy report: Finding Food

Please also go to the report resource page for more details.

paper title

Project support provided by the Ontario Trillium Foundation:OTF





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