Scaling up the Co-op Cred program

We are thrilled to announce great news to kick off the year 2014. We are awarded the grant from Metcalf Foundation to scale up the successful Co-op Cred program!

The Co-op Cred program is an alternative community currency program that facilitates access to the health benefits of local, sustainable and nutritious food as well as supportive work experience opportunities for low-income and marginalized groups facing food insecurity and economic marginalization. The Co-op Cred program enables participants to earn “credits” in exchange for their hours of labour and to use them to purchase healthy food available at the WEFC.

Metcalf Foundation is a private foundation that works to advance innovative approaches to sustainability, equity, and creativity. We were awarded grant from its Opportunities Fund under the Inclusive Local Economies program.  “The Opportunities Fund is an open call for original ideas and compelling approaches that lead to meaningful economic inclusion for low-income people and communities in Toronto.” (from Metcalf Foundation’s website)

The Metcalf grant allows us to strengthen program capacities and infrastructures, to increase program participants, to generate more local supportive employment opportunities, and to address community food insecurity by making fresh and healthy food accessible. From this stage, we also work with a new community partner, Parkdale Community Health Centre for the program expansion.






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